Oxford to High Wycombe

Oxford to High Wycombe

Travel made easy

Even if you’re not going to the airport, you can still use the airline for convenient, comfortable travel between Oxford and High Wycombe.



Please ensure you are at the bus stop at least 10 mins before the coach is due.

The arrival times provided on these timetables are estimates and can be affected by traffic.

Travel time (subject to traffic conditions):

  • Oxford to High Wycombe – 45 mins
The Airline Timetable

From Sunday 26th September 2021, we slightly retimed the airline 04:00 hrs trip from Gatwick Airport, to allow it to run smoothly. No other changes affected our airline timetable.

Timetable from 26th September 2021 (PDF, 47.80 KB)


The airline fares

Oxford – High Wycombe

Tickets can be purchased on board the coach directly from your driver. You can pay with cash or card.

Please note these tickets are not purchasable via our advance booking system.


Where to get on and off

High Wycombe

The coach stop is located at High Wycombe Coachway (Handy Cross). The site is easily accessible by local bus services and there is plenty of parking available if you’re arriving by car.